The Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP) is training highly qualified individuals and groups to assist and support Israeli emergency service organizations in times of emergency.
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Can Israel Count on YOU in the Next Emergency?
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Israel experiences the ever present threat of an enemy attack and is in need of additional manpower to best protect her most precious assets...the men, women and children of Israel.

Because of the ongoing threat and dangerous reality of attack from the ever- growing Arab extremism, Israel must stand ready to face the next crisis. Israel’s enemies, armed with over 50,000 missiles, are planning to launch attacks on Israeli homes and towns, threatening the civilian population who are the most vulnerable. The EVP has made it possible for concerned and caring individuals and communities to take an active role in helping Israel, by partnering with them during times of emergency, when additional help is most needed.

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Enter to CUFI DC 2012 Gallery
Dear Friends, we want to share with you the amazing experience we had a CUFI 2012 and have uploaded photographs of the many people who visited the EVP booth for you to enjoy.

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