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EVP, in collaboration with the State of Israel, is forming a network of Congragations trained and certified as Emergency Response TEAMs, to respond both locally and in Israel during times of crisis, creating groups of volunteers ready to deploy to Israel in emergencies and local serving both the Holy Land and their communities at home.

EVP volunteers are needed with a wide variety of background and skills: firefighters, medical personnel, social workers, trades professionals, as well as men and women without these specific skills who can work with the local communities providing assistance in bomb shelters, municipal and Water Authority distribution centers, hospitals and other government facilities.


  1. Become an EVP emergency responder in Israel - trained and certified to work hand-in-hand with the local Israeli responders and municipal emergency services.
  1. Become a FEMA ‘Emergency Responder’ in your own community - trained and certified to respond to local emergencies at home.
  1. Complete a written Crisis Management Plan for the congragation; build and train your own Crisis Response TEAM.



  • Provide your Community with a tool by creating a unique framework for your congregants to participate in community life and raise their level of integration in the congregation.
  • Align your congregation with other congregations that create their own TEAMS, creating the opportunity to use the love and support of Israel as a means of developing and furthering bonds with likeminded religious institutions.
  • Enhance the “brand” that your congregation is defined by with very real activism in support of the Land of Israel.
  • Provide your congregation a tangible opportunity to express their love of Israel in a way that they will forever cherish, will undoubtedly never forget; it will serve as a model for their family, children and grand-children.
  • Allow your congregants to work as a TEAM within the congregation and provide leadership and modelling that others in the Congregation will surely take pride in.
  • EVP certification, qualifying the volunteer to deploy to Israel during emergencies and work with all authorities.
  • State of Israel certification, acknowledging the volunteer as an approved responder in Israel.
  • FEMA certification, qualifying the volunteer as a responder to emergencies with the local CERT effort.
  • Professional and practical tools, techniques and methods to activate and contribute in different kinds of emergencies and crisis scenarios.



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