The Associated’s Baltimore-Ashkelon Emergency Team


 November 19, 2017

Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Firefighters, and Community Members needed for volunteer deployment to Israel for 10 days, if a crisis occurs.

The Associated:Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, in partnership with the "Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP), is assembling a TEAM of volunteers from the Baltimore area to serve in Israel for 10 days if, and as needed, during the next war or other crisis on behalf of the Associated. 

The Associated volunteers will be certified by the State of Israel, IDF and the EVP to become local and international responders through initial training and orientation meetings. 

  • Firefighters: will work alongside their Israeli counterparts riding on fire tracks and responding to lifesaving emergency calls.
  • Doctors: will recive temporary licensure to practice medicine in Israel. (all specialities are encouraged since coverage is depleted as Israeli doctors are called up for reserve military service.)
  • Nurses and paramedics: will provide lifesaving assistance at the hospitals and in the bomb shelters.
  • Community Volunteers: will serve in the municipality emergency depots, deliver water and food to shelters, and provide various support services in towns drained by call ups of military reserve personnel.


Are you, or someone you know. interested to learn more about this very unique opportunity? 

Information sessions and video interviews will be held soon, followed by training and certification.












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