EVP Operational Team

The EVP team consists of some of Israel’s most experienced and dedicated professionals in the various areas of emergency aid. All have an immense amount of knowledge derived from their experience in emergency situations in Israel.
Many of the team personnel have experience on relief expeditions to other parts of the world suffering from major humanitarian emergencies. All team members have served in key positions in Israeli Emergency Services and know all too well what is demanded and needs to be done in times of crisis.
Our instructors belong to the emergency services that volunteers will be working with. They will ensure that EVP volunteers get the best training possible to prepare them the tasks that await them.


Adi Zahavi, Founder, CEO


Fire Captain Ken Kleiman, International Chief of Operations 



Philip Barnea, Director of International Volunteers


Lt. Colonel Danny Lacker, Community Deployment Coordinator.


Fire Sergeant Major Yoni Blitz, International Director of Training 




Eyal Zahavi, International Director of Medical Dept.


Billy Hirth, Chief of Operations USA




Rennee Techelet, Israel Deployment Laison  




Police Superintendent Gil Kleiman, 





Lieutenant Colonel Jakob Ben Tzion, Israel Municipalities Rep.


LeaAnn Hirth, Director of Community Volunteers USA





Tom Weltch, Stratigic Planning USA




Brian Strelitz, Director Eastern Region , USA  




Dr. Chezi Levi,CEO Barzili Hospital, 



Dr. Eliaz Miller



Ayelet Kedar, Israel EMS Deployment Liaison 



Dr. Marty Jacob, MD, USA


Dr. Evan Weisman, MD, USA



Dr. Joshua Kosowsky, MD, USA




Sue Weltch, USA Medical Volunteers Director




Eyal Caspi, MG, Israel Fire & Rescue Services


Colonel Shmulik Friedman, Israel Fire & Rescue Services



Lieutenant Colonel Kfir Bibitko, Israel Fire & Rescue Services 


Colonel Sami Ohana,  Israel Fire & Rescue Services


Captain Yaron Koren, Project Chief, Israel Fire & Rescue Services 


Major Asaf Abras, Israel Fire & Rescue Services



Captain Oren Shishitsky, Israel Fire & Rescue Services



Sergeant Major Arik Abulof, Israel Fire & Rescue Services




Tony Santoro, Director of Firefighters USA 


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