10 Rockets fired from Gaza overnight into Southern Israel

During the course of the Sabbath, 10 Quassam rockets were fired into Israel from the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip.

According to the IDF's Spokesperson, most of the rockets exploded in open territory and caused no damage or injuries.    At least one  of the rockets, which are basically point and shoot missiles, exploded in the middle of a soccer pitch.  Luckily, as it was the Sabbath, no game was being played otherwise there could have been serious casualties. 

In response, the IDF staged a number of air strikes at Hamas military targets including a rocket manufacturing facility (as usual deliberately situated in a heavily populated area) and a tunnel running under the Gaza-Egypt border used for smuggling in weapons and materials for rocket production.  The Hamas have reportedly evacuated all of their offices for fear of an Israeli strike against them.

In related news, the planned deployment of an Iron Dome battery to the Tel Aviv region has been postponed.  According to Army sources, the situation in the South is to uncertain to take the risk.  The source went on to say that, over the past few weeks, Hamas attacks on Israel, either by rocket and mortar, sniping and roadside bombs has been on the increase.  Military analysts say that this could be in an effort to provoke Israel into taking action on a large scale thus providing the Hamas, the Hezbollah and possibly Iran with the excuse they need to attack Israel.

The heads of local authorities in Southern Israel, and especially those in range of the Quassam rockets, are expected to meet with the Commanding Officer of the  IDF's Southern Command to receive an update on the situation and discuss possibilities for the near future.


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