Adopt a Shelter

Help make life in a bomb shelter easier!

Many bomb shelters in the North and in the South of Israel are not in a condition that provides the civilian population an adequate environment in which to spend long periods of time.

Operation Ready's aim is to prepare bomb shelters so that, when the need arises, they will be ready for for both long term and short term occupation. This includes:

    • Covering concrete floor
    • Insulatation of shelter walls from cold and heat.
    • Painting of walls and ceilings.
    • Painting of doors and internal steel frames.
    • Rewiring of electrical infrastructure.
    • Installation of light fittings including autonomous emergency light system.
    • Fixing/restoring water supply and sewage systems.
    • Construction of rest room facilities for all ages and physical condition.
    • Installation of showers.
    • Installation of an air filter system suitable for size and maximum number of people staying in the shelter.
    • Supplying the appropriate furniture (tables\chairs\beds\cupboards etc).
    • Provision of emergency supplies storage area (food-water-medicines-blankets-pillows- mattresses-eating utemsils etc...).
    • Provision of recreation materials for all ages (Cable TV \DVD\Games\Books\Music player etc).

All structural work will be carried out by professional experienced companies and qualified contractors specializing in this type of work.

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