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The Israeli military intelligence estimates that another round of warfare can break out as early as next summer. 

During Israel’s war against Hezbollah (2007) and Hamas (2009/2011/2014) the Israeli population of 7.5 million people faced thousands of missile incidents in 30 days of war. And while this is an assessment and not a prediction, those responsible for the safety and wellbeing of Israel’s civilian population have no alternative but to do whatever needs to be done in order to insure that Israelis are safe. Within the front-line areas of Israel our first goal is to reinforce the fire and rescue stations – local hospitals – water, food and equipment distribution centers - with EVP emergency responders.

We are asking you to adopt and partner with our emergency responders who will deploy to Israel in the next war and help them obtain the resources for:

  • Purchas personal safety and professional gear to be stored and use in Israel during any deployment.
  • Help send the emergency responder to deploy on emergency preparedness trip to Israel to prepare facilities, emergnecy depots and work in their deployment stations for 10 days.
  • Deploy volunteers when the war will break in Israel and after - for emergency deployment. 

Being ready “too soon” is acceptable. Being ready“too late” is not.

Adopt a volunteer means helping raise the funding he needs for each year goal.

Support can be in many ways:

  • A fainancial support
  • Help the responder achive his funding gaol by creating a 'branch campain' on his fundraising page on the EVP website and send it to your contacs.
  • intredusing us to people and your community leaders that might help sponsor your partner - the responder.
  • Choose a responder to support and open a branch campain and creat more supporters to join you and your partner.

It's a Partnership

Our responders need you!

This job cannot be done alone. the first responders are willing to risk their own lives flying to Israel - live their families - take free time of work - and deploy to Israel. but they need your help to do so - its not a one man job! they need you to stand in the back - walk with them and help them reach the goals they need in order to deploy to Israel. 

We are asking you to choose a responder to partner with and help creat a team of supporters arround him and together help aid the people of Isreal in the next war.

The cost for adopting one firefighter is $USD 4,700

  • One-time volunteer personal protective equipment: Ballistic vest and helmet, fluorescent jacket, uniforms, ID card, emergency activation handbook, handbook of protocols and procedures, shipping and delivery. $USD 2,200
  • Volunteer deployment to Israel: As soon as we begin the activation procedure, each volunteer must be on a plane within 48 - 72 hours. The cost of the deployment will include a round trip to Israel and the overall costs for food, board, insurance and transportation in Israel. (Subject to changing flight costs and fluctuating USD exchange rates). $USD 2,500


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