And this is supposed to be unconditional peace negotiations

The Palestinian Authority is preparing to present its conditions for resuming the peace process.

The PA's conditions apparently include a demand that Israel "agree to the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, with the possibility of a limited exchange of equal pieces of land and a full halt to the building of settlements including in east Jerusalem."

Another condition is "The release of Palestinian prisoners, especially those detained before 1994, and cancelling all the decisions taken by the Israeli governments since 2000."

Palestinian sources say that the Palestinian Authority's leadership believes that the only way for the stalemate to be resolved is for them to review and possibly change the PLO's agreements with Israel.

"The Palestinian President and the Fatah party are losing public opinion points by holding talks with Israel as things stand, because neither the Palestinian people nor the Authority believe a government led by Netanyahu can make peace," a top Palestinian official is quoted as saying.

And this is supposed to be unconditinal peace negotiations?


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