Application Process

Apply to become a volunteer

All qualified individuals who are willing to serve as an EVP volunteer and who meet the standards and criteria for acceptance may apply for EVP membership by submitting a completed application to the designated official.  Applicants must provide all required information, including personal information, color passport-style photographs, acceptance of EVP’s code of conduct and other terms and conditions, and authorization to perform a background check.  All forms must be filled out in legible, print letters.  Failure to complete the forms in full (including signatures) or indecipherable text will delay the application process.  Applicants should confirm that their forms have been received by the designated office.

Following review and application approval, the volunteer will be provided a Personal Profile Page on the EVP web site.  This is a personal area to assist the volunteer in raising the financial resources for training and deployment.  Volunteers will be entitled to full participation in EVP programs, training at regional centers and in Israel, community activities, fund raising, EVP services, additional on-line educational and training resources, and information updates available only to EVP members.

Application Process

All prospective volunteers must follow the application process listed below.  Each step will be described in greater detail.

  • Online application submission - fully completed with all required forms and certifications
  • Application review by EVP leadership
  • Background check
  • Interview by EVP leadership
  • Application disposition
    • Acceptance into the EVP program
    • Appeal of rejection at prospective volunteer request
    • Final application decision

Application Submission

Each candidate must submit their application to their designated chapter point of contact or via the EVP web site (EVP Volunteer Application Form).  Applications are only considered complete when all fields have been filled in.  If any fields do not apply, “N/A” should be entered.  Applications cannot be evaluated unless all completed forms are submitted and all certifications signed and submitted.

The application consists of the information listed below.  EVP reserves the right to request additional information if deemed necessary to complete the application review:

  • Personal information
  • Medical information and certificate
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Evidence of professional credentials
  • Immediate superior recommendation letter

Each candidate must provide a complete medical report, signed by the applicant’s doctor, confirming that the candidate is in good health and able to fulfill the requirements of an EVP volunteer.  The medical report will be kept in the volunteer's file and will not be disclosed to any party except those necessary to review the application; it will remain confidential as required by law.

Any candidate who is known to be a carrier of an infectious disease must clearly state this on the EVP application.

Application Review

Applications will be reviewed for completeness; any missing or incomplete information will delay the application process.  Applicants will be notified of any missing or incomplete information and will be provided the opportunity to provide the information in a timely manner.  Failure to provide the requested information within five business days will result in an automatic rejection of the application unless an extension is requested in writing by the applicant.  Once all information has been received, the applicant will be notified that their application is complete and is moving on to the next step in the process.

Background Check

Upon receipt of the completed application, including the authorization for a background check, EVP will initiate a background check which includes a criminal background check, as well as certain other details as may be required.  This background check takes approximately two weeks to complete.  Details are confidential and will not be released to any third parties other than those necessary to complete the application review.

Failure to pass the background check will result in rejection of the application.   Any history of felony arrest or prosecution, including violence, sexual misconduct or drug use, will result in an automatic rejection of the application. 


Following initial approval of the application and while the background investigation is underway, each candidate will be interviewed.  The Director of Volunteers, or other authorized person, will conduct the interview before no more than three people, either in person or via a video conference.

The interview will allow both EVP and the applicant to better understand the roles and responsibilities of EVP membership.  For those volunteers who will respond to Israel in times of emergency, the pressures and risks associated with deployment to Israel during times of emergency will also be discussed.  The interview will form the basis for both parties to make an informed decision about EVP membership.  At a minimum the interview will address the following:

  • Overview of EVP goals and role during times of emergency in Israel
  • Review of the requirements for EVP membership and deployment
  • Determination of the most appropriate EVP chapter for the applicant
  • Understanding of why the candidate wishes to join EVP
  • Candidate readiness and ability to assist in the activities of the EVP
  • Qualified area of service
  • Candidate appearance and demeanor
  • Candidate fitness for duty
  • Personal deployment preferences and ability
  • Candidate desire and ability to donate time for administration and other matters concerning the EVP and if so, how many hours per month

 Application Acceptance

Once accepted, the candidate will be assigned to an EVP chapter and provided with all of the services and benefits of EVP membership.

Responders will be assigned to an emergency deployment unit for their preferred deployment wave (immediate, second wave deployment or successive waves). EVP Auxiliary volunteers will be assigned to a unit based on their expertise and location.

Volunteers will be placed in a specific unit under a regional commander and local team leader.  If officers and team leaders have not been appointed, the volunteer will be assigned to the Director of Volunteers until the appointment of officers and/or commanders has been completed.

Each volunteer will also be evaluated by the Director of Volunteers, or a designate, to assess their suitability for various command and/or administrative functions.  Those volunteers wishing to be considered for leadership positions should make this known to the Director of Volunteers or their chapter leadership.


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