Are Israel's Gas Fields Vulnerable?

The simple answer is yes! For this reason, security patrols by the Israeli navy and aerial reconnaissance by the Air Force around the strategic off-shore gas drilling areas have been significantly increased in the wake of the so called Arab Spring and the increased strength of extremist elements in the region. According to some unconfirmed reports, private security firms hired by the gas field's developers are also involved in policing the area in an attempt to prevent terrorist attacks and possible clashes with Turkey.

According to sources, the Israeli Navy is developing a special unit to maintain security around the rigs. This involves the use of regular patrol vessels and, apparently, the use of new German made submarines.

Because of their proximity to Lebanon and that country's contention that part of the gas fields belong to them, there are fears that the Hezbollah could try to launch a sea attack on the rigs or fire missiles at them.


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