Ayatollah Khamenei ordered Iranian warships to cross the Suez Canal and head for Syria.

Admiral Habibollah Sayari, commander of Iranian naval forces, has confirmed that Iranian warships crossed the Suez canal into the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday.  Whilst the Admiral did not say what the ships final destination was, Iranian news agencies say that they docked at Syria's Tartus Port. Admiral Sayari also e\refused to say how many vessels had made the crossing.

Iranian reports say that the vessels, a destroyer and one support vessel were in Syuria to help train the Syrian Navy as part of a long standing cooperation agreement between the two countries.

According to Admiral Sayari:  "The force brings a message of friendship and peace to the countries in the region and once again, shows the world the strength of the Islamic Republic".  He went on to say that this mission would prove to the world that despite the sanctions and enmity shown Iran over the past 33 years, that that countries military and scientific prowess was increasing rather than diminishing. 

This is the second intrusion by Iranian naval vessels into the Mediterranean.  The first time was in February 2011.  At that time the Israeli government called the action provocation.  So far, no reaction has been heard from Israeli sources regarding this incident.


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