Benefits and Requirements


Dues and Benefits

The benefits to which EVP volunteers are entitled are listed below:

Volunteer Benefits:

  1. A Personnel Profile Page, which can be used as a tool to raise volunteer funds.
  2. EVP training certificate, volunteer identification badge, operational Instructions and guidelines manual.
  3. Free access to the EVP online training site and materials.
  4. Up to a 35% discount on EVP volunteer programs in Israel.
  5. Access to a web-based news agent for relevant stories of importance to Israel.
  6. Near real time updates on the current situation in Israel.

Additional Responder Benefits:

  1. Full emergency deployment accommodations, meals, local transportation while in Israel when EVP activates him/her.
  2. Discounted airline tickets for emergency deployment through EVP.
  3. Assignment to a local team of volunteers.
  4. Assignment to support emergency services organizations or municipalities.
  5. Official Recognition as an Emergency Responder and assignment to an Israeli Responder Team.



All active members will be issued a photographic identification card with the membership expiration date and area of service. Members are required to have their identification card with them at all times when deployed in Israel.


All volunteers must meet/complete the following requirements in order to become and remain an active EVP volunteer. Each requirement is explained further below.  Each volunteer must:

  1. Meet the age requirements as set forth by EVP, or obtain a written waiver for service beyond the age requirements.
  2. Successfully complete a background check.
  3. Pass a medical examination and provide all the required and relevant medical documents signed by your doctor.
  4. Obtain and maintain any required skill certifications necessary to function in the chosen area of service.
  5. Successfully complete EVP training requirements (either in Israel or at a regional training center in the volunteer’s home community) that reflect the skills and professional capacity for which you volunteer.
  6. Abide by the EVP code of conduct.
  7. Sign a confidentiality agreement. 


All deployed volunteers (responders) must be between the age of 20 and 60.  Exceptions to this rule are possible upon presentation of a special request in writing and supporting documentation as required by EVP. EVP Auxiliary volunteers may be older than 60, and may not have to meet all of the medical and training requirements listed above since these are non-deployed volunteer positions.


Due to the physical nature of most of the work in Israel and the stress that can be experienced while deployed under difficult and possibly dangerous conditions, all volunteers must be in good health and be able to operate effectively in an emergency environment involving potentially disturbing sights and events.  Volunteers must be capable of operating under pressure for extended periods of time, be able to perform the duties for which they have been trained, and work, if necessary, under difficult physical conditions.  Responders will be required to complete, sign and submit a medical evaluation form and provide a medical doctor’s statement that the responder is able to meet the physical demands of a deployed environment.

Background Check

All volunteers must agree to a thorough background check to include criminal history.  This background check will be repeated annually while a EVP member.  Any history of criminal arrest or conviction will be evaluated; however, any history of felony arrest or prosecution, including violence, sexual misconduct or drug use, must be reviewed by EVP leadership and may result in denial of EVP membership.  In addition, volunteers should have received no more than one traffic citation within the past twelve months.  It is incumbent on each volunteer to notify their chapter lead if they are ever arrested for any misdemeanor or felony criminal activity. Routine minor traffic violations do not need to be reported unless they exceed the minimum threshold stated above.

Skill Certification

Any responder who desires to function in a capacity related to a professional certification or training will need to provide a copy of all current, active and applicable certifications necessary to operate in that discipline.  This includes medical personnel, firefighters, tecnical rescue personnel, social and psychological professionals and any volunteer with professional skills or training certifications required for their profession.

Volunteers must also certify that their qualifications are current and active and they have the authority and ability to practice in their specific profession.  Any change in certification validity must be reported to EVP within 72 hours of receipt of notification.

A letter of recommendation from their direct supervisor and a letter confirming that all certifications are valid and have not been revoked for any reason is also needed.  Certain professions may have additional certification requirements. 


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