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Long Tearm Partnership With Israel to Send Mission Teams to Aid Israel During Crises

After the Second Lebanese War and the conflicts in the Gaza Strip, it became evident that Israel’s emergency services and local municipalities will not be able to cope with the amount of assistance needed in the coming war.

The EVP allows concerned and caring firefighters; medical personnel, communities and community leaders to partner with Israel by taking an active part in protecting and aiding Israel in crises. This is what distinguishes the EVP from other relief organizations - our volunteers work with Israeli emergency teams in the field, assisting those in need, saving lives in real time.

During a conflict or crises situation, the Israel Government activates all emergency personnel. The problem is that the number of incidents is more than three times greater in a conflict situation. This huge increase in their work load means that emergency teams take far longer to provide the life-saving help that is so desperately needed. They are faced with the harsh reality of knowing that, solely due to lack of manpower, their inability to provide life-saving fire and rescue assistance could well cost innocent lives!

Teams of EVP volunteer from communities and emergency departments across the US and world literally make the difference, between life and death by integrating into the local emergency response teams in Israel and providing the additional, professional manpower that enables crews to do what they were trained to do – save lives!

In many cases, the prompt arrival and professional action of the volunteer teams have spared families the pain and grief of losing loved ones. 

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