Community Service Responder

Our Community Volunteers

EVP has established the CSR (Community Service Responders) for those volunteers wishing to make a contribution by maintaining a normal life situation under totally abnormal conditions.

Volunteers will deliver food supplies, water, clothing, blankets and other essential equipment, working with detailed lists provided by the municipality, for assembling “aid parcels” for specific shelters or homes, working with the Israeli Water Authority and different Government agency’s and Municipalities in Israel.

Basic training is provided at Regional Training Centers near the volunteer’s home community.  Advanced training is held in Israel with EVP instructors and with Israeli emergency teams from the various emergency services.

The training that an EVP volunteer receives will put them in a privileged position  to serve in their home communities in the event of a crisis or disaster.

Volunteers who successfully complete all EVP training will be certified as EVP volunteers in their area of expertise and will be assigned to a local/regional deployment team.  EVP volunteers will be available for deployment to Israel with their team, or as individuals if whole teams cannot deploy, for the following kinds of scenarios:

  • Natural disasters (earthquake, floods, tsunami, major wildfire, etc.)
  • Mass casualty incidents (major chemical or biological incident, accident at a nuclear power plant, fires)
  • War (regional conflict, war on all fronts, major terror attack with mass casualties. 
EVP Auxiliary

The EVP Auxiliary teams are for those who may not meet the requirements as responders, or for those who may not want to deploy to Israel in times of emergency.  The EVP Auxiliary provides an opportunity for those volunteers to assist with team deployment logistics and coordination, fund raising, public speaking, and more.  The EVP Auxiliary is a team of people who will provide the necessary logistics support and coordination from their home area in the US.



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