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Forming Your Congregation Response Team for Israel

In collaboration with the State of Israel, EVP is forming a network of 'Communitiy Emergency Response Teams' trained and certified for emergency deploymrnt to Israel.

To fulfill our mission, EVP is seeking to partner with Synagogues, Churches, communities and organizations who are concerned for the safety of Israel and her people and establish emergency response teams along 4 different tracks: Firefighting, Medical, Community Services and Professional Support Services.

EVP will train the volunteers who will play a vital role in protecting Israel, both in peace and in war. EVP provides different services during crises like:

  • Help maintain bomb shelters with food and water.
  • Help maintain municipal emergency supply depots.
  • Assist the National Water Authority operate water distribution centers.
  • Assistance to populations confined to bomb shelters or their homes.
  • Deploy EVP firefighters to Israel Fire stations responding to emergency call outs.
  • Deploy EVP medical teams to hospitals to assist emergency, triage and other departments in coping with the increased need for medical services.


Recognized by the State of Israel and by FEMA

Community teams who train with EVP will be recognized by the State of Israel as Emergency Responders and their training also certifies them as CERT Responders.

The training will teach volunteers the acceptable standards of personal and operational readiness in Israel and to acquaint them with new or revised protocols and procedures.

The training will be conducted by teams of EVP certified instructors from the US and Israel held in state or municipality-recognized emergency training centers with the emergency equipment necessary for effective training, plus simulation facilities in some cases and will consist of classroom lectures, practical exercises, and drills on various scenarios. 


Training Certifications

  • EVP CERTIFICATION - qualifying the volunteer to deploy to Israel during emergencies and work with all authorities.
  • State OF ISRAEL CERTIFICATION - acknowledging the volunteer as an approved responder in Israel.
  • FEMA CERT CERTIFICATION - qualifying the volunteer as a responder to emergencies with the local CERT effort.


Benefits of the Project

Stand with Israel, In Israel

Aid Israel practically, “hands on”, in times of utmost need; reach out and give Israel a helping hand when needed most; form strong, continuous bonds with the Land of Israel and its people.

Learn to Protect your family and community

Take the training back home with you, and apply the practical tools acquired during EVP’s sessions in your local community.

Expand and enhance your ministries

Use the skills acquired to expand your existing ministries, and form new and independent projects based on the various trainings offered by EVP.


Partner With US?

  • Five team members will form one Response Team in each Congregation.
  • EVP will arrange the training sessions locally. Upon graduation - the team members will be granted formal certifications, qualifying them to both volunteer locally, and in Israel upon need.
  • EVP will enhance the Project on a yearly base by offering a series of local training sessions for the response teams.
  • When activated during a crisis in Israel, the teams members will fly to Israel for 10 days of volunteering deployment.
  • Inland expenses - food, lodging, equipment and transportation, will be covered by the State of Israel.


 We ask you to open the door to your Rabbi or Pastor so that we may discuss how your community and EVP can partner together for the safety of Israel.

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