Crises Activation

Emergency First Responders will be activated in the event of one of the following three emergency situations:

1. Major conflicts – where the Israeli home front is subjected to military attack from foreign countries.

2. Localized incidents such as acts of terror involving mass casualties.

3. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods and other catastrophes.

Activation in an emergency will be facilitated through EVP's Emergency Activation System and at the request of the Israeli emergency services and municipalities. Upon receipt of the request to activate Emergency First Responders,  EVP will begin an activation procedure working through team leaders. Teams will be deployed in accordance with a predetermined placement schedule, as well as the team’s desire to be among the first, second or third waves of units to be deployed.

First Responders should be aware that despite prior agreements between EVP and the various Israeli Emergency Services, there may be a situation when flying to Israel is not possible (as civilian air space is closed) or where the Israeli government is requesting that all foreign nationals leave the country. EVP will do its utmost to ensure that you can reach Israel during any and all emergency situations but ultimately we cannot guarantee this.

Deployment during Peace Time

In order to remain up to date in Israeli emergency protocols and methods, we ask that volunteers undergo a 12 day deployment to their assigned emergency posting at least once every two years.  Not only does this enable the volunteer to refresh their skills and receive advanced training, but it also builds up a bond of friendship between volunteers and their Israeli colleagues.

Needless to say, volunteers wishing to deploy more frequently can do so in coordination with EVP.

In order to help raise the funding for this deployment, we have established the Personal Profile Page (see above in Section D Personal Profile Page) which volunteers can use to raise donations towards their deployment.  All money collected through a volunteer Personal Profile Page will be used solely for that volunteer’s deployment/ advanced training in Israel.



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