EVP Medical Teams

Our Medical Teams

EVP Medical volunteers are needed with a wide variety of background and skills to work alongside the Israeli partners in the ER, OR, ICU, Operating Theater, Delivery Rooms and other hospital departments.

EVP is recruiting certified and active medical service personnel - doctors, PA’s, nurses and paramedics with the following specializations:

  • Doctors and PA’s: orthopods, anethesiologists, ICU, trauma, surgery (especially thoracic), opthomalogists, plastic surgery, ER, internal medicine.
  • Nurses: ER, OR, ICU, pediatric and NICU, recovery room, and maternity.
  • Paramedics: active filed paramedics with a minimum of 2 years of field experience.

EVP provides training orientation programs for the medical teams locally and in Israel.  EVP, along with the Israeli emergency service organizations, will train and prepare foreign medical teams to deploy to Israel in an emergency.

Volunteers will be certified as and acknowledged to volunteer in Israel throughout the year and also in the event of an emergency.

EVP medical volunteers will be assigned to a local/regional deployment team and the team will be assigned to one of 2 different hospitals in Israel.

Deployments are initiated at the request of the hospitals, however, in extreme scenarios (earthquake or war) when normal communications may be disrupted, deployment will be initiated and facilitated according to a pre-planned emergency program.

All responders who deploy to Israel must be certified by the Israeli hospitals, Health Ministry and EVP, which means they have completed all required training, hold valid certification(s) according to their professional status, and are ready for deployment. 

During any non-emergency deployment, emergency deployment or formal EVP training in Israel, volunteers will be covered through the State of Israel and/or a commercial insurance company according a pre-arranged policy. Policy details and coverage will be provided to responders.




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