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The "Firefighting and Rescue Units" of the EVP are the first ever units of their kind that consist of individuals from around the world who come together as active emergency volunteers in Israel’s firefighting and rescue services.

During crises and wartime situation, the number of incidents is more than three times greater than normal. This huge increase in work load means that fire and rescue teams take far longer to provide life-saving help.

The Israeli Fire & Rescue Services consists of a handful of highly trained professionals working full time in firefighting and search and rescue operations The 2,000 Israeli filed firefighters, spread over a population of 7.5 million, are barely sufficient to save lives and property during peacetime and with the best will in the world they cannot provide the extent of fire and rescue services expected during the next outbreak of violence.

EVP provides the additional, professional manpower to close this gap and enable crews to respond to all emergency's in an efficient response time that will result in saving lives. 

The actions you will be required to take includes:

  • Fighting fires 

  • Extrication of wounded and dead 

  • Searching damaged and adjacent buildings for injured persons 

  • Disconnecting and stabilizing utilities such as gas, water and power 

  • Removal of debris resulting from missile explosions, 

  • Assisting "disaster victim' identification" teams, 

  • Disaster and missile scene clean up 

  • Searching for survivors and rescue missions

Volunteer teams will be deployed and work with existing Israeli Firefighting stations in those areas of Israel where the need is greatest.

We are seeking professional and volunteer firefighters and trained maintenance personnel, in particular mechanics experienced in the maintenance and repair of heavy vehicles and machinery.

Volunteers can choose to be activated in times of emergency and/or as part of our "Operation Ready” missions.

Members of the EVP who are in Israel on a private visit can also volunteer to work at an Israeli Fire and Rescue station.

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