Firefighters Training Syllabus

Unit 1 - Overview of Terrorism and Security threats facing Israel:

  • Terror Organizations threatening Israel
  • Enemy States threatening Israel
  • Review of various weapons and terror tactics used against Israel in the past and present.
  • (Examples include suicide bombing case studies as well as rocket attacks and shootings)                                                      

Unit 2 - Introduction to Firefighting in Israel + Israel Fire Service at War

  • Command structure of Israel Fire department
  • Apparatus crew structure and firefighter's responsibilities
  • Operational changes war time, Protocols implemented in times of crisis
  • Special safety considerations in times of crisis (Heavy focus on examples from the 2nd

Lebanese War in 2006 where Israel saw dozens of rockets striking its cities every day)

Unit 3 - Rescue Equipment/Apparatus familiarization

  • Water supply familiarization - hydrants, hoses and water jets used in
  • PPE/SCBA familiarization (Breathing and skin protection equipment)
  • Event Command Responsibilities.
  • Buildings and construction Familiarization (Focus on differences in Israel.

Unit 4 - Operational protocols and procedures

  • Working on activities in teams of 2
  • Fire suppression activities, fire sources and fire rescue protocols.
  • Forced Entry using Israeli devices.
  • Vehicle extrication.
  • Urban Rescue: Earthquake, Collapse rescue, Missile damage, High rise rescue

Unit 5 - Safety

  • Safety while working in groups of two
  • Safety standards in Israel
  • Review of Safety considerations
  • Review of training safety procedures according to Israeli Standards
  • Safety procedural review for facility use before practical training begins

Unit 6 - Live burn demonstration: US vs. Israel

Unit 7 - Practice Drills

  • Building search
  • Ladder placement Flashover Safety drills

Unit 8 - Fire Fighting Drills

  • Hose lines and ventilation
  • Structure Fire
  • Car Fire

Unit 9 - USAR class

  • Light USAR techniques that can be used in building collapses caused by rocket fire or earthquakes.

Unit 10 - USAR Drill

  • Firefighters will practice light USAR techniques working in small teams of two in areas threatened by rocket fire.


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