First Responders With A Mission

Dear Friends,

The evp has an important task – to build a network of communities who support Israel and who are prepared to step up to the plate when Israel’s need is greatest – when she is under crises.

After the Second Lebanese War, it was evident that Israel’s emergency services and local municipalities were swamped by the extent of assistance needed. Even though they gave 1000%, emergency services were severely short staffed which placed Israel’s embattled civilians at even greater risk. From this was born the vision and mission of the Emergency Volunteers Project.

Israel is surrounded by enemies who become stronger and more extreme by the day. Israel is threatened by hostile governments and extreme, fundamentalist terror organizations for whom the end justifies the means – even waging war on millions of defenseless and innocent men, women and children. 

Crises could erupt at any time – a week, a month, a year.  One thing is certain, war will once again be forced upon Israel and once again her people will have to face the threat of death and destruction. 

Volunteers who train with EVP will be recognized by the State of Israel as First Responders, and their training also certifies them as CERT first responders.

To make our mission possible – we need your help!

If you have a place in your heart for Israel and the Jewish people and are concerned for the future of the Land of Israel, then the Emergency Volunteers Project needs YOU!


Sincerely yours,

Adi Zahavi,

Director General EVP



Israel Needs You

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