Grad missile explodes outside of Beersheba.

A long range Grad missile launched by Palestinian terrorists from the Gaza Strip on Saturday landed in an open area close to Beersheba in Israel's southern sector. Local residents say that they heard loud explosions but luckily, there are no reports of damage or of injury.  As one resident said: "Today is Shabbat, the Sabbath.  Not only are they cowards, but they desecrate our Sabbath - but God protects us."

At approximately 11:30 on Saturday morning, as residents were returning home from Sabbath morning payers, an air raid warning siren was sounded in Beersheba and the nearby Bnei Shimon Regional Council.  At a number of smaller villages and towns in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip, the  "Color Red" alert was sounded.

 A resident of Omer, a Beersheba suburb said: "I was walking through a shopping mall.  All of sudden, from one of the stores they called us in and told us to get into the secured area,  We just waited and then we heard a loud explosion.   I wasn't scared, just worried about my kids at home. When I got home the children and my husband said that when they heard the siren, they went into the fortified room and waited.  My eldest daughter said that she wasn't scared - they are used to this by now."


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