Iran successfully tests new and sophisticated drone detection radar systems

Iran has successfully  tested new and highly advanced radar systems designed to identify, track and then destroy  unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).  The system was tested during a massive, military exercise that centered around Iran's nuclear facilities in Bushehr where they are racing ahead to develop a nuclear weapon.  The exercise began early on Monday morning and was completed Thursday evening, says the Iranian news Agency, Fars.

The aim of the exercise, was to test the Iranian army's ability to locate and destroy, not only UAV's but also hostile aircraft attempting to penetrated an interdicted aerial zone.  According to the report, the Iranian army also attempted, with some success, the interception of cruise type missiles such as the Tomahawk and others.

In Israel, security analysts say that it is impossible to know, at this stage, Iran's real intentions.  Its constant threats against the West and Israel may be an attempt to discourage a preemptive strike against their nuclear development program.  However, they say, Iran is a notoriously unpredictable regime, basing its actions, not so much on reason, but rather the dictates of the Ayatollahs.     Israel, according to many experts and intelligence sources, must be prepared for the possibility of a conflict with Iran erupting during the summer months - perhaps even as soon as June.


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