Iranian blogger says that Iran can destroy Israel in 9 minutes

In a post on Saturday, computer engineer Alireza Forghani said that the Iranian government should not waste time but launch a preemptive strike against Israel before the end of 2014.  In his post Forghani said that Iran has the power to destroy Israel in less than 9 minutes.

In his post, Forghani provides the "religious" justification for such an attack and lays out a program that would take out key Israeli targets and population using Iran's long and medium range land to land missiles.

Stage1 (according to Forghani): Launch missiles at Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv.  Also target infrastructure (power stations, water and sewage, airports, hospitals etc.)

Stage 2: Use Shihab 3 and Gader missiles to target other population concentrations and blanket the country.

According to Forghani, total destruction and the annihilation of the Jewish State with deaths in the million, would only take 9 minutes.

He goes on to provide religious justification for this mass murder by saying that Iran's spiritual leader,  Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini has said that "all Moslems must wage a Holy War (Jihad) against those who would attack an Islamic nation).

Forghani  interprets this to mean that "since Israel has attacked and occupied Islamic Palestine, we are obligated to attack in order to defend our Moslem brothers".   One point he neglects to mention is that in such an attack, should it succeed (impossible) hundreds of thousands of Moslems would also be killed.

But, there is no need for worry.  Israeli military sources and military analysts say that this is just bluster backed up  by hot air.  Israel, they say, has the ability to stop any such devastating attack using conventional weapons, on Israel.


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