Iron Dome In Tel Aviv

The Israeli Army's High Command  will be deploying an Iron Dome anti-missile  battery in the area surrounding Tel Aviv a as part of an exercise that will  simulated a missile attack on Israel's largest city.

The Israeli developed Iron Dome system uses cutting edge, top secret technology  to provide protection from medium-range rockets commonly used by the  Hamas and Hezbollah.  The system, which came online less than a year ago, has already proved its effectiveness and is being integrated to become a central element of Israel's missile defense strategy.

The Iron Dome battery will be stationed at locations around the city and at each location its vital functions will be examined, tested and calibrated.  The system is a mobile one and it is this mobility that adds to its strength and effectiveness.  The From Dome system has previously been deployed in the region of Israel's major industrial center, Haifa and in the vicinity of cities and towns in the Negev.

Sources within the IDF's command say that the deployment has no connection with events in Syria or developments with regard to Iran but are part of a long tern plan to test and ready the system for deployment wherever required in Israel.  The source also said the: "It's true that the Hezbollah and the Hamas have yet to fire missiles at Tel Aviv - but we know that they have the capability and that this is their goal, to hit Israel's largest population concentration.  It is our job to see that they do not succeed - the Iron Dome system is just one element in our strategy."

Hezbollah possesses missiles capable of carrying an explosive warhead and reaching Tel Aviv - in the last round of violence with the Lebanese based terrorist organization, one missile reached as far south as Hadera, mid way to Tel Aviv.   According to Military Intelligence, the Hamas has an Iranian built and supplied missile with a range of some 80 Km - putting Ben Gurion International Airport and Tel Aviv well within range.    IDF and other intelligence agencies say that striking at Tel Aviv, Haifa and other large concentrations of civilians will be one of the terrorists main objectives in the next war. 


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