Iron Dome protecting the south

Lieutenant Colonel Gilad Biran, the commander of the Iron Dome missile defense system told Ynet on Saturday that the troops operating the defense system have been working hard over the weekend to make sure that rockets are intercepted.

"We are making a tremendous effort to achieve results. We are ready for what's coming," he said.

The missile defense system has intercepted some 30 rockets launched at Israel's southern cities. "We have the capability to keep going if the situation persists," Biran added.

However, Air Force officials stressed that the Iron Dome does not provide complete protection, and that citizens are urged to follow the safety instructions issued by the Home Front Command.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IAF Chief Major General Ido Nehushtan visited the troops operating the Iron Dome missile defense system, and told them: "We are acting defensively and offensive, and are making efforts to do it to the best of our abilities."

Barak said: "We are currently showing a 90% rate of successful interception – about 30 out of 32 rockets. The Iron Dome does not only protect civilians, but also gives the political and military echelons more flexibility in responding to threats.

"We won't let anyone harm our civilians. Those who try to launch a rocket or plan an attack will pay a heavy price, and no one will be granted immunity," said Barak.



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