Israel Navy's new submarine unveiled - partially at least

According to "foreign" news sources, the Israeli navy's new Dolphin class attack submarine will soon be undergoing intensive sea trials.  The vessel is now under its final stages of construction in Germany where a team of Israeli experts are closely supervising the work.

The sources claim that the new boat, German built but heavily modified by Israeli defense companies,  is a stealth vessel and has the capability of staying submerged for over three weeks and of launching a missile attack on enemy installations.

The submarine, named "Taneen," or crocodile, (the name of the Navy's first S class sub that was decommissioned in 1972)is said to be fitted with unique diesel and hydrogen conversion systems that allow it to make its own fuel and a sophisticated stealth system making which gives the vessel an acoustic signature that is  practically undetectable by sonar.

German sources say that the Taneen is the first of three such vessels due to be supplied to the Israeli navy  over the coming three years.

The problem is that this new submarine, which will give Israel an edge to use against its enemies, won't be entering active service until near the end of 2012.  So , with the Iranians rattling their sabers, Assad in Syria looking for a way to divert attention from his massacring of his own people and the Hezbollah and the Hamas just looking for the go ahead from their masters to throw their rockets and missiles at us - this new sub could well arrive too late to use against our enemies if a war breaks out in the summer...


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