March 2014 Newsletter

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A tense quiet in the South - schools are open as usual but residents have been instructed to stay close to shelters and fortified rooms.
The situation in the situation is, for now, quiet but tense.  Since 1 p.m. no rockets have fallen and the IDF has told residents that they should maintain their normal activities but remain close to shelters and fortified rooms (residents of these area have just 15 seconds to react to a warning of rocket fire).
Overnight, the Israeli air force struck at 29 Islamic jihad targets across the Gaza strip as a warning to the jihad and the Hamas that Israel will not tolerate attacks on its people.
The instruction to return to normality, despite the dangers involved, is a message to the terrorists  and the Hamas in Gaza that Israel is strong and determined.  Coupled with the overnight air strikes the message is clear - if you attack us, then be prepared to pay the consequences.  Leave us in peace, and we will leave you in peace.

The IDF spokesperson says that the IDF is ready to do all that is required of it to maintain the safety of Israel's population.
If there are any further developments, we will let you know.
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"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
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