Monastir (Bitola), Southern Serbia, Yugoslavia (today Macedonia)

Because of its significance to the world, the Jewish people and the State of Israel, the Holocaust is something that must never be forgotten.  From time to time, we will place a link to web sites dealing with the Holocaust.

This link is to the National Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem and a virtual exhibition regarding a Jewish community in Macedonia, decimated by the Nazis in the Second World War.

Monastir (Bitola), Southern Serbia, Yugoslavia (today Macedonia)

    "An ancient Jewish town with no Jews – the fires of Treblinka consumed them all..." Shlomo Alboher

On the eve of the German invasion of Yugoslavia, 810 Jewish families – 3,351 people – lived in Monastir (Bitola), a vibrant, ancient Sephardic-Jewish community with a flourishing Zionist movement in the interwar period.  To see the exhibition - 


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