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The Middle East Spring

This March - EVP is at AIPAC

Words Of Wisdom

The Hezbollah will try to take over Beirut if the Syrian regime falls

Are Israel's Gas Fields Vulnerable?

News from Sudanese newspaper

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak says

Iranian blogger says that Iran can destroy Israel in 9 minutes

The United States Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, says that Israel has not yet decided if it sh

Israel's national "Blood Bank" could be knocked out in the next war or earthquake

The Israeli Defense Forces fear a Syrian attack on Israel to divert pressure from Assad

"And to them will I give in my house and within my walls a memorial and a name (a "yad vashem")... t

Palestinian lies exposed once again - but will anybody listen?

Israeli aircraft hit two terrorist targets in Gaza

Napolitano concerned about the possibility of an attack by Hezbollah attack in the United States.

Israel turns into a "winter wonderland" at least in the North.

Mossad, Singapore authorities foil a Hezbollah and Iranian plot to assassinate Defense Minister Ehud

Monastir (Bitola), Southern Serbia, Yugoslavia (today Macedonia)

Grad missile explodes outside of Beersheba.

Palestinian terrorists fire rocket propelled grenades (RPG's) at an Israeli patrol

Ayatollah Khamenei ordered Iranian warships to cross the Suez Canal and head for Syria.

Iron Dome In Tel Aviv

The Israeli Army's High Command will be deploying an Iron Dome anti-missile battery in the area surrounding Tel Aviv a as part of an exercise that will simulated a missile attack on Israel's largest city.

Balad Arab Nationalist Party Knesset member Haneen Zoabi visits Hebron

Start the day with something sweet

42 miles in full combat gear Israeli Paratroopers prove their mettle

Amongst Israel's elite units we find the young men of the Paratroop Brigade. These young soldiers, the majority of whom volunteer for this elite unit, after finishing their basic training and advanced training, take part in a grueling, 42 mile forced march in full combat gear in order to be awarded the coveted "Red Beret" which is the mark of a paratrooper.
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