Prime Minister Netanyahu says that PA Chairman Mahmud Abbas's speech in Doha, Qatar, is irresponsibl

The Prime Minister's Office has soundly condemned Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas for his statement  that Jerusalem has always been and will always remain an Arab city.

The Palestinian President made this outrageous statement on Sunday at the International Conference for the" Defense of Jerusalem" in Doha, Qatar. Abbas went on to say that he will "encourage Arabs and Muslims to visit Jerusalem in order to reinforce our hold on the city, and to strengthen the Palestinian culture and its holy sites."

In the PM's statement, the remarks were called an open incitement to violence and a complete distortion of history.  "It's time that the Palestinian leadership stops denying the past and distorting reality," the statement said. "For thousands of years, Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

"Never before has the city enjoyed such religious freedom with everybody of any faith free to worship as they see fit.  Israel will continue to faithfully protect the holy sites of all religions.  President Abbas knows full  well that his slanderous statements are baseless.  

"The State of Israel expects this leader, who allegedly seeks peace, to actually prepare his people for peace and co-existence with Israel rather than spreading lies and inciting violence. This is not how you make peace."


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