Rockets fall on the North of Israel

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Rockets on the North of Israel
Seven years since the Second Lebanese War and once again rockets are fired into the North of Israel from Lebanon.

At 16:30 on Thursday afternoon sirens sounded in the Nahariya, Akko and Western Galilee area of Israel.  Just seconds before, three loud shrieking sounds were heard followed by three explosions - one of which sounded very close.  All residents were instructed to either go into their fortified rooms or bomb shelters until further instructions.
Taking Cover

After some 30 minutes the IDF sounded the all clear telling residents that they could resume normal activities but that they should satay close to bomb shelters

According to initial reports, the rockets were fired by a terroist group identified with the World Juhad Movement from just south of the Lenanese city ofSidon.  One of the rockets was intercepted and destroyed by an Iron Dome battery just outside of Nahariya, one fell in the sea, one in open fields and one on the perimeter road of a kibbutz in the Western Galilee.  No casualties have been reported so far. 
A car damaged by shrapnel

Miraculously, the rocket that fell inside the kibbutz fell on the road causing extensive damage to the road itself, destroying two nearby parked cars and causing damage to houses close by (one the home of one of my granddaughters friends).
Remains of a rocket
The IDF spokesperson says that, at this point in time, the IDF is viewing this as an isolated incident but will be closely monitoring the situation.

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