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Two Israeli Soldiers killed in yesterdays attack laid to rest

 Major Yochai Kalangel, 25, and First Sergeant Dor Chaim Nini, 20, both of them from the Givati Brigade were killed when Hezbollah terrorists ambushed their vehicle on Israel's Northern border. 

  Yochai Kalangel      Dor Chaim 


The soldiers were driving in an unarmored vehicle on the Lebanon border when they were ambushed. At least five Kornet anti-tank missiles are believed to have been fired striking two vehicles. 

The IDF declared a closed military zone in the area between kibbutz Dafna in the upper Galilee and Mas'ade village in the eastern Golan Heights. 


First Sergeant Dor Chaim's Funeral Thursday
The site of the attack was about 200 meters before the road leading to Ragar, a uniquely situated village with one half in Lebanese territory and the other in Israel.


The first missile struck a D-Max vehicle and killed the two soldiers. After the strike, soldiers evacuated from the other vehicle, and thus sustained lighter wounds when the second missile hit, the IDF said.

After the attack

The attack was part of what is seen as being a reprisal attack by Hezbollah for the elimination of senior Hezbollah and Iranian officers in the Golan in an attack attributed to Israel last week.


Hezbollah also pounded the Har Dov IDF base and other locations along the area which is a closed military area.


The IDF deployed armored and artillery units to the area and began shelling Hezbollah positions.  Residents in surrounding areas were told to stay indoors at the start of the action but towards the afternoon were told that they could resume normal life. 

IDF returns fire

Today, the entire Northern border has beech quiet but there are heavy concentrations of troops along the border.  Analysts say that neither side has an interest in escalating the situation.




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