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A lot has been happening in the EVP over the past few month and the time has come to bring you up to speed. Perhaps one of the most important events was the formal recognition of the EVP by the Israeli Government (Knesset). Now EVP's mission to recruit, train and deploy volunteers to Israel during times of crises is becoming a center issue to many communities around the U.S as the situation in the Middle East continues to be unprodictible
Since EVP received this important recognition we have been working around the clock to continue and connect with our volunteers in order to set training dates according to the deployment teams.
God Bless,
Adi Zahavi, EVP CEO
Safe Cities Program
After a very successful pilot program, we are now ready to implement the "Safe Cities" program.
The Safe Cities Program builds 5 Community Response teams, one from each of 5 communities in one area and partners them with a specific town or city in Israel.  Teams train with the municipal emergency teams and with the National Water Authority so that they can provide vital support when needed.
EVP Team from TX in Israel
During the pilot program, a team from Texas was posted to Hod HaSharon in the centre of Israel where they spent a hectic week learning and drilling. During their stay they were hosted by Israeli families and real bonds of friendship were formed.
City's Hosting families and EVP Volunteers
We are now seeking to build more teams to train and create more EVP chapters. In 2014 EVP is planing to bring more teams to Israel.
If you are interested or think that your community would like to know more, please contact us here
City Mayor's wife & City head of Security Department
National Civil  
Defense Drill
3 teams of EVP volunteers (Fire, CSR and Operations) participated in a National Emergency Exercise held last October.  The exercise, held under the umbrella of Israel's Home Front Command, the United Nations, US Army and the Israeli Emergency Services, was designed to evaluate Israel's preparedness for a major earthquake.
The EVP has participated in many previous exercises and has already been asked to play a role in the 2014 exercise to be held in June.
EVP United States Operations Team
We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the EVP U.S Operations Team.  These folks are a group of dedicated and committed EVP volunteers who have taken on the task of helping coordinate the EVP teams in the United States. 
Over the next couple of weeks, the team will be contacting you to introduce themselves and let you know about this year trainings.
Tom  Welch -  U.S Israel Coordinator -
Billy Hirth - Director of Operations/Fire Teams -
Lee Ann Hirth - Director of Volunteers -
Sue Welch - Assistant Director of Volunteers -
Shalom from Jerusalem.
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"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
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