Start the day with something sweet

Just to show that we are not all gloom and doom here at the EVP, here's a really sweet item!

A study carried out at the Wolfson Medical Center in Rehovot shows that eating something sweet for breakfast can help you lose weight.  Yup, that's what they say.  But before you add an extra dose of maple syrup to those flapjacks - read on...

The research was carried out on 190 overweight Israelis.  95 enjoyed a 600 calorie breakfast that included something sweet, a bar of chocolate, cake, even a donut.  The other 95 were given a regular diet style, low on carbohydrates breakfast of just 300 calories.

After four months, both groups had lost similar amounts of weight.   But after an additional four months, the lucky ones on the "sweet tooth" diet had lost, on average, some 20 kilogram (about 50 lbs.) and the control group had regained almost all of the weight lost during the first half of the diet

According to the researchers, in the morning, the body's metabolic rate is higher and a controlled intake of sugar can reduce cravings for something sweet throughout the day.

So it's a bit like the donkey and the carrot on a stick - sure eat something sweet with your breakfast - but in moderation! 

As we say here, B'Tayavon - Bon Appetite!


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