Sunday over 40 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel by Palestinian terrorists

Most of the rockets fired were aimed at Israeli cities such as Beersheba, Ashkelon and Ashdod.  Thankfully the Iron Dome system intercepted and destroyed 15 of them averting what would have been great loss of life. 

Of the long range Grad missiles that did manage to get through, one hit a residential area in Beersheba causing damage to 20 homes.  Another landed and  hit a school, also in Beersheba.  Luckily, as all schools were closed due to the situation, there were no injuries - just extensive damage.

"I shiver when I think what would have happened if the children had been at school", said the mother  of one of the children who would, on a normal day, have been studying at the school.  "The walls are full of holes, windows are broken and the classrooms are full of broken glass.  People would have died!", she added.

Earlier, two missiles exploded in open areas close to the township of  Ofakim, another in Ashdod and another in Gan Yavne. One of the Grad missiles was intercepted by the Iron Dome system but debris from it fell into backyard causing damage but no casualties.

After a brief lull in the barrage, more missiles were fired from Gaza during the night.  Another two were fired at Beersheba with one being intercepted and the other landing in open ground.

The IDF continued its non-stop efforts to halt the missile barrage. The IDF Spokesperson said that the Air Force had been carrying out sorties all through the day in an attempt to stop the launchings and also destroy terrorist staging, training and manufacturing installations.

Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said that more than 140 rockets have been fired at Israel since Friday. He added that 20% of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti missile system. 

He went on to say: "The IDF has retaliated and will continue to retaliate with force against anybody trying to launch missiles or mortars into Israel.   The problem is that the Hamas and their allied terror groups continue to gain strength. We don't want a conflict, we just want to live in peace - but with the Hamas in control of  Gaza... "

Calls are being made from across the political spectrum to speed up the production and deployment of the anti missile system.  Former Minister of Defense, Amir Peretz said in a Channel 2 news interview that by the end of 2012, Israel would have  6 systems deployed but that in order to provide protection for the country's population centers in the North, the Center and the South, 14 were needed.

Let us pray that sense and reason prevails and that the suffering of our people in the South will soon end.  However, let us also be prepared for the tests that may lay before us.


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