Thanks to vigilance of IDF troops a disaster was averted on the Egyptian border

An Israeli Defense Force unit, making a routine patrol along the border between Israel and Egypt in the south of Israel, identified a massive explosive charge that had been placed  there by an unidentified person who was seen running from  the scene in to Egyptian territory.  An explosive expert, who successfully defused the device said: "If this had gone off while our boys were passing, I don't want to think about what would have happened.  There would be funerals in Israel today, that's for sure."

The IDF Spokespersons Office confirmed the discovery and dismantling of the device and added that the IDF patrol, along with a police unit, regularly patrolled that area in order to stop smugglers and illegal aliens from crossing over into Israel.  This was the first time, said the spokeswoman, that an explosive device had been found in this sector.

Other IDF sources who declined to be named, say that this would appear to be another escalation by the Hamas in an attempt to heat up the area and provoke Israel into taking action.  "Basically, they are being guided from Iran and Damascus - both for their own reasons but with the same goal - to start a war that will divert the world's attention to what's going on in their own countries".

The IDF Spokesperson’s Office refused to comment on this unattributed statement but did confirm that the Army and police have increased its patrols and surveillance along the border due to intelligence indicating an imminent threat.


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