The Hezbollah will try to take over Beirut if the Syrian regime falls

Military analysts say that, if and when the Syrian regime falls, Hezbollah in Lebanon will move to take over the country's capital of Beirut. Analysts go on to say that this move will in all probability, have the support of a significant number of the Government's ministers, many of whom are pro-Hezbollah.

The analysis says that this takeover will be in an attempt to thwart a possible Israeli attack on the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hezbollah leaders, led by Nassralla, feel that if the Syrian regime (which supports the terrorists) falls, Israel will use the chaos and uncertainty to try and destroy the organizations infrastructure and eliminate its leadership.

Nassrala has also been quoted as saying that any intervention inside Lebanon by Israel or any foreign forces would lead to an all-out regional war. This is a threat that must be taken seriously as in the past, Nassrala has always lived up to his word.



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