The Israeli Defense Forces fear a Syrian attack on Israel to divert pressure from Assad

Concern is growing  in the IDF's Central Command that there is a possibility that Resident Assad of Syria will consider an attack against Israel in an attempt to relive the pressure on his regime.  IDF sources say that could well be his last ditch attempt to stop the Arab League from intervening militarily in Syria.

The IDF's Northern Command, responsible for the Syrian and Lebanese fronts, have drawn up a number of plans to deal with various scenarios and recently, the Northern Command Commander, Major General  Yair Golan and Northern Corps Commander Major General Gershon HaCohen, toured IDF installations along Israel's border with Syria and specifically the Hermon Mountain bases.

Israeli is especially concerned by reports that the Syrians are using nerve gas against opponents of the regime and are worried that this could also be used against Israel.  Another concern that Syria's vast range of chemical weapons could also be made available to terrorist elements such as the Hezbollah.

Our hope is that nothing will come of this - but we must be prepared!


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