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2012 will be a challenging and potentially dangerous year for Israel as the results of the Arab Spring seem to be putting in place more extreme and anti-Israel regimes with closer ties to Iran.

The ever closer cooperation between Iran, which is racing towards completion of a nuclear bomb, and organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel such as the Hamas and Hezbollah and the new regime in Egypt, led by the Moslem Brotherhood could well be the world's last chance to take effective action against Iran and it's professed aim top wipe Israel of off the face of the earth.

In the North, Israel's security services say that the Hezbollah has amassed a stockpile of over 50,000 rockets that can reach deep into Israel – possibly as far as Tel Aviv. The expectation is that, when the Hezbollah decided to start a confrontation with Israel, these 50,000 missiles will be targeted at civilian targets – just as the 15,00 rockets they had 5 years ago were.

Also in the North, the Syrian regime is teetering on the verge of collapse. No one knows what will take its place, but experience has shown that the new regime could well be even more hostile to Israel. There are also fears that Asad could open an attack on Israel with his long range missiles in order to divert attention from his actions inside Syria.

Add to this the US withdrawal from Iraq and the instability of that country – then the situation in the North looks problematical.

Not that it's any better in the South. The Hamas continues to arm itself and maintains its violent anti-Israel stance. It's connections with Iran and the Moslem Brotherhood strengthen day by day and not a day passes without at least one rocket falling inside Israel.

So, as time goes on, rather than the situation improving, it seems to be getting worse from one day to the next with extremism gaining the upper hand and the rhetoric of hate becoming ever stronger. If ever there was a need for a strong EVP – it is now!



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