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EVP Campaign for Jason Broth

Emergency Volunteer Project trains and deploys emergency first responders to Israel in times of extreme crisis.  As many of you know, Jason was deployed just a couple of months ago to help with Operation Fire and Water when fires threatened the entire State of Israel.  Every deployment costs EVP a great deal of money.  Each member tries to raise funds to help financially support their volunteer work and dedication. By sponsoring Jason's future volunteer training and deployment costs, you will be directly contributing to saving lives in Israel. Please help.  You never know when the next crisis will require Jason's services.  You can make sure he has the funds to be there.

EVP role: Deployment on Operation Fire and Water

Occupation: Fire Fighter/EMT

Location: USA, MD, Pikesville

Jason Broth

I have been a firefighter with the Baltimore County Fire Department since 1992. I am an active firefighter as well as an EMT. Working to assist Israel with EVP is an amazing experience, and I could not be prouder to be a part of this incredible organization. Please donate to my next training and deployment. This is a 100% volunteer organization, and we cannot help Israel without your donations.

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EVP Campaign for Jason Broth
Target: $5000
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