EVP role: Community Volunteer

Occupation: Disaster Preparedness

Location: USA, Calif, Lancaster

Steven Webb

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About Me

We are Steve and Michele Webb from California. We began our disaster preparedness “career” with CERT training in 2010 and expanded our training to include amateur radio, Crisis Response Int’l trained; American Red Cross Disaster Services on the Disaster Action Team as well as Mass Care; CERT participation includes Instructors, Area Team Captains, Training Coordinators and Assistant Program Managers (in our area); Emergency Medical Response Certified and Instructor certified, ICISF Assisting Individuals in Crisis (CISM) training. In 2013 we co-founded the Antelope Valley Disaster Relief Network, a nonprofit to train people pre-disaster and assist those affected by disasters. We are both Sheriff volunteers. We have a heart for doing everything we can to support and be a blessing to Israel.

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