Occupation: Firefighter

Location: United States, TX, Burleson

Corey Rea

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Hello,I am a father of 4 awesome kids ages 4 to 15. My wife is Chrissy and she is an amazing supporter of what is important to me. I started my career in the fire service in 1993 in the US Air Force and served a total of 7 years in working for the Department of Defense. I was hired in the City of Fort Worth Fire Department in 2000 where I have served on the Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue teams. I would go just about anywhere to help fellow firefighters in need but....Here in the states we have hundreds or thousands of firefighters willing to lend a hand but in Israel it is a different story. They have so few trained firefighters available that when a disaster happens, they are dangerously understaffed. I believe it is my duty as not a firefighter but a Christian to help God's chosen in any way I can and that just so happens to be in the area of fire and emergency response.

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