EVP role: have attened workshops in Garland, Texas....and ready forwhatever the call is to help beloved Israel in anyway.

Education: BS degree UTA, Arlington Texas, 1980,major in Criminal Justice with double minor in sociolgy and psychology

Occupation: very blessed and happy homemaker for a most wonderful husband!!

Location: USA, Texas, Fort Worth

Christene ( Chrissie Joy nick name ) Kelly

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About Me

I have always had an extreme deep, ongoing love for Israel and the Jewish people since very young. After numerous trips to Israel, and being asked by the Israeli border guards if I was Jewish; and many other events that only Yah could have put in front of my very eyes, did I realize I had Jewish heritage on both sides of my parents. However, I am the only one in my family with this deep love for Israel and commitment to beloved Israel. I have been blessed to make over 16 trips HOME to beloved Israel...and yes, I would definitely live there if I could. My wonderful husband supports Israel, but does not have "the call" for Her as Yah has given me. It really is a CALL from Elohim. That said, my husband supports this call from Yah to help beloved Israel. He even printed the forms for my first EVP training classes. That was amazing and a true confirmation that The Almighty is behind this call to help our beloved Israel, if needed. Why would I be involved with EVP for serious issues, especially in these days except it is a CALL. I love Israel, all of Israel. I love Her people, the blessed Jews. My very most favorite thing to do is to get to serve as a volunteer on the IDF bases. I absolutely support that wonderful group of brave men and women serving in the IDF. I pray for the IDF and all Israel everyday. I really don't like seeing comments about me listed. I am just a servant here on this planet to do whatever Elohim has called me out to do, and this is definitely my call, at this time. I love Israel. I always leave my heart with Her until I am blessed to return. Israel is my heartbeat and life. I thank Yah for Israel, and all Her great people. My roots lie in Her land and anyway I can help, I will do. I know it takes actions to help those in need, not just prayers, which are vital. These times call for putting feet into action after prayers; right along with prayers. So, I am asking for support to be able to be ready to put my feet into action for beloved Israel. I am in great health, and walk/jog most everyday, so I am physically fit also. Please consider being my team-mate for beloved Israel. Thank you greatly!!

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