EVP role: Volunteer Liason and Communications Director

Education: MEd.

Occupation: Writer and EVP

Location: Israel, Galil, ASHRAT

Philip Barnea

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About Me

I came to Israel from the UK on the third day of the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Since then I have lived in the North, just 15 Km from the Lebanese border, with my Israeli wife. We have four children and 5 (at the moment) grandchildren all of whom live in Israel. I was a teacher for 30 years and have been a full time writer and translator for the past 5 years. I became involved with the EVP during the Second Lebanese War (which we spent in a bomb shelter) and have been actively involved since then. I see the EVP as something unique amongst organizations devoted to helping Israel. We recruit and train people who care for Israel and her people, to come to Israel and work with Israeli Emergency Services when the need is greatest. I also see the EVP as a means of bringing closer together Christian communities that support Israel with the Israeli people - not in an abstract fashion, but in a very real and concrete relationship. My father was a Christian and my mother Jewish - It was he who insisted that we be raised as Jews to heal the breach the rift between my mother and her family. It is my duty to help bring peoples of these two central faiths closer together, in his memory.

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