Exclusive Firefighter Trainings in the US

The Emergency Volunteers Projects (EVP) brings together American Firefighters and their Israeli counterparts to exchange training methods and techniques. 
These cross-trained firefighters will then be eligible to serve on EVP Fire Teams and deploy to Israel in times of need.

Top Three Reasons to Register for your nearest EVP Firefighter Training:

  • Learn Israeli Firefighting Techniques including Equipment Familiarity as well Vital Search and Rescue Skills.
  • Valuable networking with your fellow firefighters from across the country and in Israel.
  • Make a real difference in Israel when the Israeli people need you most.

BONUS Extra: Friendships and Experiences you will never forget.


The Details:

  • The EVP fire teams are currently certified firefighters with minimum of 2 years of filed experience, who volunteer to deploy to Israel in times of crisis.
  • During deployment to Israel EVP firefighters will volunteer with the Israeli Fire & Rescue Services riding on fire trucks, responding to lifesaving calls. 
  • The EVP firefighters need to know, first hand, how to operate Israeli fire trucks and equipment. They need to practice the different Israeli response techniques and protocols to emergency calls.
  • EVP 'hands on' training sessions are held in local fire training facilites and led by Israeli firefighters from the Israeli Fire & Rescue Services. 
  • Training sessions are no longer than 1 day, and upon completion, all necessary certifications will be in place for the firefighters to operate in Israel.
  • EVP firefighters are also welcome to volunteer in Israel throughout the year. 
  • When activated, deployment will be 10 – 14 days


For general information please contact Tony Santoro, USA Director Firefighters fire@evp.org.il 




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