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Emergency Volunteers Project – Privacy Policy

Shalom and welcome to the Emergency Volunteers Project (Henceforth the "EVP") web site (Henceforth the "Site").

Use of the site and/or registration to the site is subject to the following terms of use and is evidence of your acceptance of said terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are designed to protect users of the site and to prevent illegal and/or unauthorized usage of the site and/or of its contents and/or information available from the site.

The Terms of Use constitute an integral part of the site and your acceptance is required in order to allow for your use and/or registration with the site and in order to receive information from the site, and/or the electronic publications that may be distributed from time to time, and/or any services provided by the site. 

These terms of use (Henceforth the "Terms") are written in the masculine form for convenience only and are meant for both men and women.

General – What is the EVP web site
The EVP site provides professional and reliable information in a variety of fields including, but not only: an explanation regarding the EVP, information for those interested in joining the EVP, the recruitment of volunteers, a registration process for the volunteer project, payment of membership fees, on-line courses, presentation, workshops and other information for EVP volunteers, tools to assist EVP volunteers to raise funds for the project and an on-line store for the raising of donations for the EVP.

The site's intended audience
The EVP invites all those who wish to browse the site and view its contents. However, should you wish to become an EVP volunteer and take part in the on-line learning materials and lessons, you must be registered as an EVP volunteer and/or be in the process of joining the EVP project.
The site is also open to donors who wish to "adopt a volunteer" through a financial donation and/or to assist the EVP in its operations and/or to purchase equipment and other products available from the on-line store.
Insofar as the volunteer approached the site and requested to join the EVP as a volunteer; And insofar as the site provides training and instructional services, training for and preparation of EVP volunteers (through digital media such as video clips, presentation etc.) in order to prepare the volunteer for his period as a volunteer in Israel within the framework of the EVP (Henceforth the "training"); And insofar as the site agrees to provide the volunteer with services and products, following payment of membership fees, by the volunteer and/or his sponsor and/or representative and as agreed between the parties as follows:
It is, therefore, declared, stipulated and agreed between the parties as follows:

  • The introduction to this agreement constitutes an integral part of the agreement and will be interpreted with the entire agreement.

  • The titles of the sections are for the convenience of the parties and are not open to interpretation in any way or manner.

  • This agreement expresses the conditions that apply to a volunteer in the event that the said volunteer and/or his sponsor and/or representative chose to pay, through the site and join the EVP volunteer project.

  • The instruction and statements in this agreement are binding for any and all use made by the volunteer of the site and constitute the legal foundation for any discussion between the parties.

  • Browsing the site and/or the use of any of the services available on and/or through the site constitute the agreement of the volunteer to accept and operate in accordance with this agreement. In the event that you do not agree to any of the conditions stipulated in this agreement you are requested not to make any use of the site.

  • The site is also used as an on-line payment platform to enable the volunteer to access and use the services of the EVP, for access and use of EVP volunteer training services and materials and for the purchase of volunteers equipment at the on-line store. Payment will be facilitated in a convenient and secured fashion as is customary.

  • The site's administrators and/or management have the sole right to alter and/or update this agreement and to alter the content of the site from time to time as and if and when they see fit and with no need for prior announcement.

  • The EVP is entitled to close the site and/or change its structure and/or the services provided by the site with no prior notification. The user and/or volunteer will have no claims or allegations in this matter.In accordance with the Copyright Laws valid in the State of Israel and in accordance with international agreements, the copyright to any and all the publications and/or materials and/or content appearing on the site, and including those presented in this agreement, are the sole property of the domain owners (Henceforth the "Owners").

  • The "Terms and Conditions" agreement which appears on the EVP web site is an integral part of the "Privacy policy" governing the use of the EVP web site.  The Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions complement one and the other and will be interpreted together as a single, binding agreement. 


  • The copyright rights include, amongst other things, all text, pictures, photographs, drawings, maps, sounds, music, video, graphics and programming applications (Henceforth the "Copyrighted material") unless it is stated clearly and explicitly that the copyright for specific material and/or materials belongs to another agency.

  • The user is entitled to "fair usage" of the copyrighted material and in accordance with the rules defined by law. Fair usage includes reasonable reference from the copyrighted material.

  • Any fair use made of the materials found on the site must include the source of the material used whether this is the EVP or any other source. It is absolutely forbidden for the user to change and/or alter and/or misrepresent and/or make any other changes and/or perform any action to the copyrighted material that could be damaging to and/or reduce the value of the copyrighted material, and/or which could harm the name and/or reputation of the copyright owner.

  • In line with copyright laws, the user id forbidden to copy and/or redistribute and/or rebroadcast and/or publish copyrighted materials, without being granted explicated permission, in advance and in writing from the copyright owner and/or the domain owner.

  • The use of the site and the materials contained on the site is provided to users "As Is". In other words, the volunteer cannot intervene and/or change any of the materials on the site and the said material are for private needs only. It is strictly forbidden to use the site and/or its contents, whether in part or in whole, for commercial purposes.

  • The EVP and/or the domain owners will bear no responsibility for the suitability of the services provided to the user's needs. Additionally, the EVP and/or the domain owners will bear no responsibility for mistakes and/or errors in the materials presented on the site.

  • The EVP and/or the domain owners will bear no responsibility for any and all changes made to the materials available through the service by the user and/or any third party.

  • The user bears sole and full responsibility for the way in which he uses the service.

  • The EVP and/or the domain owners and/or its employees and/or its office holders and/or its agents and/or any of its representatives will bear no responsibility for any damage caused to the user and/or any third party, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use of the site. This includes damages resulting from the use of computer applications directly downloaded from the service and/or that were activated as the result of using the service. This includes internet applications such as, but not exclusively, Active-X, JavaScript, Java, Flash, sound and video streamers etc.

  • The volunteer consents and agrees to use the site and/or the learning materials available through the site solely for his own personal usage and undertakes to make no other use of the said materials including the provision of consultation and/or learning services for other people and/or organizations and/or any third parties.

  • The volunteer is responsible for saving his user name and password to the on-line training system and undertakes not to pass on this information to any third party. Making the user name and password available to any third party will be grounds for the immediate removal of the volunteer from the EVP and for the revoking of any and all of his right to use the site.

  • The use of the site and/or of any and all of the materials contained on it, will in no way construe the right, either directly and/or indirectly and/or stated and/or implied and/or omitted, to use any of the commercial or non-commercial trademarks displayed on the site without prior permission being given by the relevant company or organization in advance and in writing. 

Terms of Jurisdiction and arbitration

  • It is agreed by the parties that any issue pertaining to and/or resulting from this site and/or the aforementioned terms and conditions only the fundamental and procedural laws of the State of Israel will apply.

  • It is agreed by the parties that the sole place of jurisdiction for any issue pertaining to and/or resulting from this site and/or the aforementioned terms and conditions will be the authorized courts of law solely in the area of Jerusalem.

  • Additionally, it is agreed by the parties that any disagreement and/or conflict between them will, first of all, undergo a process of arbitration between the parties. In the event that the parties fail to agree on the identity of the arbitrator, the parties will request that the Israeli Bar Association, Jerusalem District, appoint an arbitrator to hear the issue.

Period of agreement

  • This agreement comes into effect with the volunteer's registration for the site and training programs and following completion of payment by the volunteer and/or his sponsor and/or representative of the yearly membership and training fees. This agreement will be valid for so long as the volunteer completes all training assignments.

  • Either of the parties to this agreement can terminate the agreement with a written announcement. This includes a termination resulting from non-completion by the volunteer of his tasks by the specified date and/or failure to pay yearly membership fees.

  • It is understood that yearly membership fees will not be refunded to the volunteer under any circumstances and that any remaining monies will remain with the EVP as a donation and will be used by the EVP for the continued operation of the volunteer's project.

Maintaining secrecy and confidentiality regarding the clients information

  • The site will not pass on any of the aforementioned details to any third party other than for the execution of payment.

  • The volunteer hereby gives his permission for the site to use his photograph and personal details for the opening of a profile page for the volunteer and to allow the site to raise funds for the volunteer for his transportation to Israel in an emergency.

  • The site undertakes not to make any use of this information without the permission of the volunteer, unless this is required according to law or in order to prevent unlawful use. The EVP will allow access to the information only to those working on its behalf and who requires the information in order to serve the volunteer.

  • The site takes and uses accepted safety measures in order to preserve, so far as is possible, the secrecy and confidentiality of information. Credit card debiting from the site is performed in accord with accepted regulations and standards. However, with regard to incidents that are not under the control of the site and/or result from force majeure, the site will not be responsible for any damage of any sort, direct or indirect, caused to the payee and/or anybody on his behalf in the event that this information is lost and/or used in any unauthorized fashion.

  • Personal information given to the EVP through this service will be maintained in secret and confidential in accordance with the Law for the Protection of Privacy, 1981.

  • The EVP will not send you e-mail that you have not agreed to receive. We may periodically send you e-mail announcing news and event information. If you choose to supply your postal address in an online form, you may receive mailings from us as well.


  • In so far as there may be links to external internet sites on the site (including links appearing in advertising announcements and commercial information pertaining to third parties) users of the site should be aware that the content of any and all of these sites is not under the control of nor developed by the EVP.

  • It is possible that the EVP site user will find the content of the aforementioned external sites unsuitable to their needs and/or that the EVP site user objects to their content and/or thinks that the content is annoying and/or unsuitable and/or illegal and/or immoral and/or damaging. The EVP cannot be held responsible in any way for the content of the aforementioned sites, accessed by links appearing on the EVP site. We are unable to determine the validity and/or completeness and/or relevance of any information available and/or displayed on the aforementioned sites.

  • Use of any information and/or contented from the aforementioned sites will be at the sole responsibility of the user. The aforementioned sites could contain programs that can be downloaded to your computer and/or to sites that allow you to download such programs. The EVP does not develop and/or produce and/or distribute and/or examine such programs and the existence of a link on the EVP site in no way can be considered approval and/or reliability and/or the suitability to your needs and/or the type of computer used by the user. Installing the aforementioned programs into the users and/or any other computer will be at your sole and entire responsibility and the use of such programs is subject to the provisions of the licenses contained within them.

  • The EVP and/or the domain owners will in no way be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect caused the user resulting from the downloading and/or installation and/or use of the aforementioned computer programs. The EVP does not guarantee that all of the links to be found on the EVP site will be in working order and/or will direct the user to an active internet site. The EVP is entitled to remove from the site any links contained on the site in the past and/or at present and/or to refrain from adding new links at its sole discretion. 

Technical support 

  • The EVP makes no commitment to provide any support including support regarding the operation of the site and/or the services provided on the site. No complaint and/or suit and/or charge and/or demand can be made of the EVP due to lack of the aforementioned support.

Change or alteration to these terms of usage

  • The EVP and/or the domain owners are entitled and allowed at any time, to change and/or alter and or remove and/or add the details contained in these terms of usage with no prior notice regarding said changes and/or alterations and or removal and/or additions on the site. Any such changes and/or alterations and or removal and/or additions will take effect immediately. We recommend that you examine these terms of usage in order to determine if and changes and/or alterations and or removal and/or additions have been made every time you use the site.

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