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Emergency Volunteers Project – Terms & Conditions of use

Shalom and welcome to the Emergency Volunteers Project (Henceforth the "EVP") web site (Henceforth the "Site").

Use of the site and/or registration to the site is subject to the following terms of use and is evidence of your acceptance of said terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are designed to protect users of the site and to prevent illegal and/or unauthorized usage of the site and/or of its contents and/or information available from the site.

The Terms of Use constitute an integral part of the site and your acceptance is required in order to allow for your use and/or registration with the site and in order to receive information from the site, and/or the electronic publications that may be distributed from time to time, and/or any services provided by the site. 

These terms of use (Henceforth the "Terms") are written in the masculine form for convenience only and are meant for both men and women.

General – What is the EVP web site The EVP site provides professional and reliable information in a variety of fields including, but not only: an explanation regarding the EVP, information for those interested in joining the EVP, the recruitment of volunteers, a registration process for the volunteer project, payment of membership fees, on-line courses, presentation, workshops and other information for EVP volunteers, tools to assist EVP volunteers to raise funds for the project and an on-line store for the raising of donations for the EVP.

The site's intended audience The EVP invites all those who wish to browse the site and view its contents. However, should you wish to become an EVP volunteer and take part in the on-line learning materials and lessons, you must be registered as an EVP volunteer and/or be in the process of joining the EVP project.
The site is also open to donors who wish to "adopt a volunteer" through a financial donation and/or to assist the EVP in its operations and/or to purchase equipment and other products available from the on-line store. Insofar as the volunteer approached the site and requested to join the EVP as a volunteer; And insofar as the site provides training and instructional services, training for and preparation of EVP volunteers (through digital media such as video clips, presentation etc.) in order to prepare the volunteer for his period as a volunteer in Israel within the framework of the EVP (Henceforth the "training"); And insofar as the site agrees to provide the volunteer with services and products, following payment of membership fees, by the volunteer and/or his sponsor and/or representative and as agreed between the parties as follows:
It is, therefore, declared, stipulated and agreed between the parties as follows:

  • The introduction to this agreement constitutes an integral part of the agreement and will be interpreted with the entire agreement.

  • The titles of the sections are for the convenience of the parties and are not open to interpretation in any way or manner.

  • This agreement expresses the conditions that apply to a volunteer in the event that the said volunteer and/or his sponsor and/or representative chose to pay, through the site and join the EVP volunteer project.

  • The instruction and statements in this agreement are binding for any and all use made by the volunteer of the site and constitute the legal foundation for any discussion between the parties.

  • Browsing the site and/or the use of any of the services available on and/or through the site constitute the agreement of the volunteer to accept and operate in accordance with this agreement. In the event that you do not agree to any of the conditions stipulated in this agreement you are requested not to make any use of the site.

  • The site is also used as an on-line payment platform to enable the volunteer to access and use the services of the EVP, for access and use of EVP volunteer training services and materials and for the purchase of volunteers equipment at the on-line store. Payment will be facilitated in a convenient and secured fashion as is customary.

  • The site's administrators and/or management have the sole right to alter and/or update this agreement and to alter the content of the site from time to time as and if and when they see fit and with no need for prior announcement.

  • The EVP is entitled to close the site and/or change its structure and/or the services provided by the site with no prior notification. The user and/or volunteer will have no claims or allegations in this matter.

  • The "Privacy policy" agreement which appears on the EVP web site is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the EVP web site.  The Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions complement one and the other and will be interpreted together as a single, binding agreement. 

The sites obligations

  • Following conclusion of payment by the by the volunteer and/or his sponsor and/or representative and an examination of his suitability to the criteria established for the various volunteer categories, the site will allow the volunteer access to the training interface, the content and assignments of the EVP. The volunteer will also be entitled to receive regular updates and other, periodic, communications.
  • A volunteer who successfully completes his training will be awarded a graduation certificate and an EVP Volunteers Card.

  • For as long as the site and the EVP volunteers project are active, the site will allow the volunteer to raise money in order to fund his deployment to Israel during emergencies and times of crisis or other EVP activities. This will be through a fund raising interface available on the EVP site

Volunteers' obligations and declarations

  • The volunteer must ensure that he meets the minimum standards that were set prior to his applying to be registered as a volunteer. No claims regarding the return of enrollment fees following non-acceptance for a specific training program due to non-adherence to the aforementioned criteria or due to the existence of a criminal record will be entertained.

  • The volunteer hereby declares that he is above the age of 21 years and competent and able to perform binding legal actions. Under no circumstances will volunteers beneath the age of 20 years be accepted as volunteers to the project.

  • In the event that the volunteer is not authorized to perform binding legal actions without the approval of his guardian and/or if he has not yet reached the age of 18 years, the sues of the site by the volunteer will be regarded as if the guardian has given his approval.

  • The volunteer or the registered user undertakes to provide genuine information and to provide all required personal details exactly and in full.

  • The volunteer declares that he can obtain a valid passport and that, should he be required, by virtue of his country of origin, to obtain a visa entitling him to enter Israel, he is able to obtain the aforementioned visa.

  • The volunteer declares that he holds a valid credit card, issued by one of the authorized credit card companies operating globally (should payments be made via credit card) and/or he is the holder of a bank account (with a globally recognized bank).

  • The volunteer declares that he has access to an electronic e-mail account on the internet and that he has an actual email address in his country of origin.

Liabilities incurred when registering for the site

  • The volunteer declares that he does not have a criminal record and that no criminal proceedings against him are in process. Furthermore, should, whilst being a volunteer in the EVP, should criminal proceedings against him be instigated or be in progress, he will inform the projects administrators immediately.

  • The volunteer authorizes to EVP, once all details have been provided to the site, to carry out a "screening process" to confirm that no criminal record exists and/or that no criminal proceedings are in progress or outstanding.

  • In the event that it becomes apparent that the volunteer provided false information and/or that he has a criminal record and/or that changes have been made to his criminal record over the years and not reported to the EVP, the volunteer will be expelled from the project and will not be entitled to any refunds whatsoever.

  • The volunteer agrees that the site may store certain information regarding the volunteer.

  • The volunteer undertakes to update the information provided in the registration form in order to maintain its correctness and entirety.

  • The volunteer undertakes to complete the forms attached here with during the registration process completely and accurately.
  • The volunteer undertakes to sign all the declarations and statements in the registration forms and on the waiver forms and to fill out completely and accurately the medical forms.

  • The volunteer must ensure, prior to his deployment to Israel, that he has both a valid entry visa for Israel and medical insurance.

  • The volunteer agrees that his name, email address, address and telephone number will be revealed for the sole purpose of completion of transactions made on the site.

  • Performing a transaction on the site will constitute a "transaction without documentation" as understood by law.
  • The site will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused the volunteer/customer resulting for incorrect usage that is not in accordance with these terms of usage and under all law.

  • The volunteer undertakes study carefully all the training materials and their contents and to carry out all the tasks given in the training seriously and exactly and on time. Volunteers who fail to complete all the tasks set them in the training programs will not be able to volunteer within the framework of the EVP.

  • Meeting the conditions of the training and the basic conditions for acceptance to training as well as the passing of an acceptance board, are necessary conditions for acceptance as an EVP volunteer.

  • The aim of the project is to help the citizens of the State of Israel and it is also possible that assistance will, be provided to other parts of the world, with no consideration for religion, race or sex. The EVP project is not identified, politically or religiously. Therefore, the volunteer is strictly forbidden to be involved in any missionary activities and/or wear ant religious symbols that could distress or hurt the feelings of the inhabitants.

Restrictions to Responsibility 

  • The volunteer is required to take every precaution and perform all tests, examinations and assessments deemed necessary prior to joining the site and the EVP.

  • Despite the payment of registration fees and membership fees, and despite being a registered volunteer with the EVP, the EVP makes no commitment to bring all volunteers to Israel during an emergency. Volunteers will be brought to Israel according to the requirements and assessment of the situation existing in Israel at the time of the emergency and periodic discussions held by the EVP executive. Volunteers who are not deployed to Israel during a specific emergency period, the EVP will make efforts to bring them to Israel following the emergency to help return the situation to normal.

  • The EVP does not guarantee that in all emergency situations in Israel, air corridors will be open and available to EVP volunteers for their deployment to Israel in an emergency situation. In the event that, during such a period, air corridors are closed, the monies set aside for the transport and deployment of volunteers will be used for humanitarian aid for those in need.

  • Once a volunteer has joined the site he frees the site and/or any of its employees and/or any of its managers and/or any of its administrators and/or any of its owners and/or any third party working on its behalf from and all claims and/or suites and/or demands of any kind that are concerned with damage and/or expenses that result directly and/or indirectly from any differences of opinion that arise between the volunteer and between any third party with whom the volunteer was in contact and/or legal obligation whether the existence of the disagreement was known to the site or not.
  • Methods of payment for an EVP volunteer through the site, cancellation of registration and refunding of payment.
  • After 12 months (in other words, after one year as a volunteer), membership and membership fees will be renewed automatically for a further year.
  • A volunteer who wishes to resign from the project for any reason, may do so by informing the EVP in writing, to the EVP offices at least one month before the end of the 12 month volunteer period. If the volunteer fails to do so, he will be debited for a further year's membership even if payment is in installments.
  • Payment will be made by the volunteer via a credit card and/or bank transfer and/or a check sent to the EVP offices.

  • EVP and/or site computer records regarding actions and activities taken by the volunteer through the site will be considered as prima facie evidence of such actions and/or activities and/or the validity of such actions and/or activities and/or sums and/or timing and the client will have no right of claim against them and confirms their correctness.

  • Payment by the client will considered as if he has signed with his signature and agrees to all the details contained in these terms of use as well as his agreement to the conditions in the registration forms that all volunteers are required to complete.

Methods of payment for donations made through the EVP site, cancellation and refunds

  • The donor can choose which of the volunteers he wishes to help in bringing to Israel during an emergency and earmark his donation to a specific volunteer.

  • The donor can purchase vital equipment for the volunteer via the on-line store.

  • The donor is asked to carefully check all the details concerning his donation prior to finalizing the donation and the transfer of details to his credit card company.

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. All online orders are processed through 128 bit SSL encryption to protect your credit card information during your online transaction. All prices and figures are listed in US Dollars.

Change or alteration to these terms of usage

  • The EVP and/or the domain owners are entitled and allowed at any time, to change and/or alter and or remove and/or add the details contained in these terms of usage with no prior notice regarding said changes and/or alterations and or removal and/or additions on the site. Any such changes and/or alterations and or removal and/or additions will take effect immediately. We recommend that you examine these terms of usage in order to determine if and changes and/or alterations and or removal and/or additions have been made every time you use the site.
  • The membership fee in non-refundable.

  • All conflicts that may occure between EVP and its registered members shall be resolved under the juristiction of Israeli law.

Contacting the Web Site

If you have any questions about this Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy, or any other questions , you can contact:

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