Training and Certification

All responders who deploy to Israel must be certified by the Israeli Goverment and EVP, which means they have completed all required training, hold valid certification(s) according to their professional status, and are ready for deployment.

A certified responder is defined as one who has, over the period of one year, completed the following requirements:

  1. Meets all EVP volunteer requirements for their area of service.
  2. Completes the training requirements in the United States or Israel.
  3. Passed EVP's volunteer review.
  4. Meets EVP’s standards of conduct.


In order to train the responder for their tasks in Israel, EVP with the Israeli Goverment emergency departments and the IHC, has implemented requirements for multiple levels of training. Training requirements are defined below for each level and area of service. Training certifications held at a higher level than required supersede lower skill requirements (e.g., basic first aid is not required for those who hold EMT, paramedic, etc. certifications).


Initial EVP Training

This training will teach volunteers the acceptable standards of personal and operational readiness in Israel and to acquaint them with new or revised protocols and/or procedures. Training will be conducted by teams of EVP certified instructors from the US and Israel held in state or municipality-recognized emergency training centers with the emergency equipment necessary for effective training, plus simulation facilities in some cases. Training will consist of classroom lectures, practical exercises, and drills on various scenarios. Volunteers will develop/maintain deployment readiness and allow EVP to assess volunteer readiness for future deployment. 


Advanced & Continuing Education Trainings

Advanced & Continuing Education Trainings can be taught to all responders; The trainings include breakout sessions for each area of service and the specific content is determined by EVP operational staff in Israel depending on potential scenarios and identified needs of the volunteer force. The trainings will occur at regional training centers (in the US or Israel) equipped with the facilities and tools necessary for complete training and disaster simulation.  


Optional Web Based Training

Each volunteer will be provided with a list of optional on-line training courses that can enhance their skills in their area of service, or any other topic chosen by the volunteer.  For example, FEMA has a significant library of on-line courses that are available to anyone at no cost.  Volunteers are encouraged to continually improve their knowledge and understanding in all areas of emergency preparedness and response.



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