Napolitano concerned about the possibility of an attack by Hezbollah attack in the United States.

Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, said yesterday that she is worried that the terrorist group Hezbollah, operating out of Lebanon, may be planning a terrorist attack on mainland United States and that the group may be targeting Jewish communities and groups.  She was giving testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee.

Whilst there is no specific threat, last week Homeland Security officials held talks with leaders of Jewish organizations to discuss the threat and actions that should be taken to minimize the risk.

This follows the terror attacks on Israeli targets and the failed attack in Thailand.  All of these attacks were carried out by Iranian agents and the fear is that Iran may encourage and assist the Hezbollah to carry out a similar operation in the United States.

Israel raised its alert level for its overseas delegations earlier this January due to concerns that the Hezbollah and Iran would attempt to avenge the assassination of Hezbollah’s military commander, Imad Mughniyeh four years ago.


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