Types of Volunteer Teams

Volunteer Teams

EVP volunteers are needed with a wide variety of background and skills: firefighters, technical rescue personnel, doctors, nurses, paramedics, PA's, social workers, engineers, trades personnel, as well as men and women without a specific skills who can work within the community to provide assistance in bomb shelters and municipal emergency and warehouse facilities.

Volunteers are divided into two general types: EVP Responders and the EVP Auxiliary. EVP Responders are those who meet deployment requirements and are interested in going to Israel in times of emergency.  The EVP Auxiliary is for those who are either unable or unwilling to deploy to Israel in times of emergency.  

EVP Responders can operate under the areas of service listed below.  Each is described in more detail.

  • Firefighting, including Search & Rescue
  • Medical Services
  • Community Services


Firefighters & Rescue Teams

An individual who has successfully completed all training and examinations, has been certified as a firefighter and who is certified by their State to work in this profession.  Firefighters will be assigned to a specific fire service station in Israel and will operate according to the orders by the Israeli Fire Service officers.  Professional firefighters with a minimum of two years working experience are preferred.  All others will be evaluated on an individual basis upon request. 

Medical Services

Depending on the level of education and certification, medical service personnel could work in a variety of capacities such as hospitals or assisting emergency responders. All will be evaluated on an individual basis upon request.

  • Doctors and PA’s: orthopods, anethesiologists, ICU, trauma, surgery (especially thoracic), opthomalogists, plastic surgery, ER, internal medicine.
  • Nurses: ER, OR, ICU, pediatric and NICU, recovery room, and maternity.
  • Paramedics: active filed paramedics with a minimum of 2 years of field experience.

Community Services

A community service volunteer is one who is not certified either in firefighting or medical services.  Their main focus is to assist at emergency supply depots, deliver food, water or aid packages or other similar duties.  Community volunteers provide general support as directed by Field Commanders or EVP.  This could include general community support or support to specific categories (e.g., Fire, Medical) for which additional training will be provided.

Volunteers who successfully complete all EVP training will be certified as EVP volunteers in their area of expertise and will be assigned to a local/regional deployment team. 

EVP Auxiliary

The EVP Auxiliary teams are for those who may not meet the requirements as responders, or for those who may not want to deploy to Israel in times of emergency.  The EVP Auxiliary provides an opportunity for those volunteers to assist with team deployment logistics and coordination, fund raising, public speaking, and more.  The EVP Auxiliary is a team of people who will provide the necessary logistics support and coordination from their home area in the US.


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